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The symbol of the National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) is the most important symbol that is primarily used in all of the organization's internal and external visual communication.

Symbol 컬러
Symbol 흑백

NABO's symbol basically takes form of a Korean traditional brass coin with a rectangular hole in the middle. The shape of a brass coin signifies a budget or budgeting, and the seven lines rising from the center represent NABO's powerful spirit and promising visions. More specifically, the combination symbolizes NABO's organizational philosophy that is characterized by timeliness, readiness, activeness, expertise, neutrality, credibility and eminence.

  • Color

    peacock blue Pantone 302C
    C100 + M70 + Y30

    yellow ochre Pantone 1255C
    C30 + M50 + Y80

    The high-grade tones of peacock blue and yellow ochre represent credibility, prosperity and growth of the organization.

  • Signature

    Signature National Assembly Budget Office Reading the Budget, Leading the Future

    NABO's signature features an effective combination of its symbol and logotype. It is designed to help viewers systematically integrate and shape NABO's visual image.


NABO's wordmark is a graphic representation that works as an auxiliary to its logo in all visual communication.

Wordmark naBO

NABO's wordmark is a graphically designed abbreviation of its full name. The straight lines harmonized with some curves represent the organization's persistent, but not rigid, spirit. The magnifier-shape mark in the latter is to show the National Assembly's budget control and monitoring over the government, on the one hand, and NABO's expertise in budget research and analysis, on the other.