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Fiscal Estimates & Tax System Analysis - No., file, title, date 제공 표
No. File Title Date
174 첨부있음 Korean Examination Progress and Highlights of the 2021 Tax Act Revision 2021-12-24
173 첨부있음 Korean NABO Medium-Term Fiscal Projection: 2021~2030 2021-10-29
172 첨부있음 Korean Key Points of the Examination of the 2020 Tax Act Revision 2020-12-15
171 첨부있음 Korean 2020 Long-Term Fiscal Outlook by NABO 2020-09-28
170 첨부있음 Korean 2020 Local Finances of the Republic of Korea 2020-09-21
169 첨부있음 English Long-term Fiscal Outlook for the Four Public Pension Schemes(partially extracted) 2020-07-15
168 첨부있음 Korean Changes in Tax Environment and Policy Issues in line with the Fourth Industrial Revolution 2020-06-09
167 첨부있음 English Understanding Bill Cost Estimation and Case Studies 2020(partially extracted) 2020-06-05
166 첨부있음 Korean Highlights and Deliberation Issues of the Revised Tax Act Enforced in 2020 2019-12-31
165 첨부있음 Korean Status of Energy Taxation and Analysis of Issue-Specific Effects 2019-11-29