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I am Cho Euysup, Chief of the National Assembly Budget Office.
As a fiscal think-tank, NABO provides objective and neutral analysis to serve the National Assembly to exercise the powers granted by the people of Korea fully.

Since its establishment in 2003, NABO has supported the activities of the legislative body by analyzing budget bills and account settlements, conducting bill cost estimates and tax analysis, and producing mid- to long-term fiscal and economic forecasts. NABO has also examined essential fiscal and economic issues promptly.

The Korean economy faces grave challenges, such as demographic changes, climate crises, and global transformation toward a future-oriented economy. At the same time, we are at a critical juncture where the government must reconcile fiscal and welfare demands with sound and sustainable growth.

In 2023, NABO marks its 20th anniversary. Based on our accumulated competence, NABO will examine and forecast the right direction for national finance. We will also spearhead research and analysis on primary fiscal issues with the energy of a young person of 20.

As the best fiscal institution that serves the National Assembly and the Korean people, NABO will do its utmost to bring hope to the Korean economy and help it leap forward.

Thank you.

Chief of the National Assembly Budget Office

Cho, Euysup