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Analysis of National Finance & Programs - No., file, title, date 제공 표
No. File Title Date
561 첨부있음 Korean Deliberation Results of the 2024 Budget Bill 2024-01-12
560 첨부있음 Korean Medium and Longer Term Fiscal Issue Analysis: Population Crisis Responses 2023-11-17
559 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Higher Education Funding 2023-11-17
558 첨부있음 Korean 2024 Budget Proposal Analysis Series 2023-10-31
557 첨부있음 Korean Korea’s Local Finance in 2023 2023-09-20
556 첨부있음 Korean 2023 Regular National Assembly·National Audit Public Institutions’ Statuses and Issues 2023-09-14
555 첨부있음 Korean FY2022 Settlement Analysis Series 2023-07-27
554 첨부있음 Korean Evaluation of R&D Innovation of National Research Institutes in the Science and Technology Field 2023-06-16
553 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Fiscal Decentralization Policy and Local Transfer Projects 2023-06-16
552 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Smart City Support Projects 2023-04-27