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Analysis of National Finance & Programs - No., file, title, date 제공 표
No. File Title Date
532 첨부있음 English Comprehensive Analysis of the FY 2021 Budget Bill Vol.Ⅰ 2021-12-27
531 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of FY2022 Total Revenue Budget Proposal 2021-10-26
530 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Research Outputs Utilization System of National R&D Program 2021-10-15
529 첨부있음 Korean Evaluation of the National Health Screening Program of Korea 2021-10-06
528 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Grain Supply and Demand Stabilization Projects and Policies 2021-10-01
527 첨부있음 Korean Analysis on the Policy Responses to Low Fertility 2021-08-23
526 첨부있음 English Public Finance of the Republic of Korea 2020: Understanding Public Finance 2021-07-26
525 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Fiscal Program on Public Health and Medical Data 2021-03-16
524 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Rural Photovoltaic (PV) Projects to Improve Farm Household Income 2021-03-16
523 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of the Child Protection Policy 2021-02-26