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Economic Outlook & Policy Analysis - No., file, title, date 제공 표
No. File Title Date
118 첨부있음 Korean Analysis of Pending Economic Issues in 2023 2023-01-31
117 첨부있음 English Economic Outlook for 2023 and the Medium-Term 2022-10-05
116 첨부있음 Korean 2022 Economic Outlook 2022-08-12
115 첨부있음 Korean Intergenerational Impact Analysis of the Expansion of Transfer Payments Reflecting Demographic Changes 2021-12-30
114 첨부있음 Korean The Effects of Demographic Changes on Economic Growth: The Case of OECD Countries 2021-12-29
113 첨부있음 Korean A short-term Forecasting Model for GDP 2021-12-10
112 첨부있음 Korean Economic Forecast for 2022 and the Medium-Term 2021-09-30
111 첨부있음 English Distribution of Income and Wealth by Quintile and International Comparison 2021-07-09
110 첨부있음 English Estimation of Cyclically Adjusted Fiscal Balance and the Potential Growth Rate 2021-06-18
109 첨부있음 Korean Economic Outlook for 2021 2021-03-31