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Title First Editorial Board Meeting of the Journal of Budget and Policy for 2024
Views 224 Date 2024-02-22

The National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) has established the 7th Editorial Board for the Journal of Budget and Policy and convened its first meeting of 2024 on Thursday, February 22, at the NABO building.

The editorial board functions as a committee responsible for decisions regarding the review and editing of articles for the Journal of Budget and Policy, a scholarly publication of NABO. Comprising 18 experts from various disciplines, the 7th editorial board is chaired by Professor Byungho Choi of Pusan National University's Economics Department. During the meeting, a five-member research ethics committee was established to enhance the future oversight of research ethics violations. Additionally, the board deliberated on strategies for assembling special issue papers to elevate the journal's quality.

Published by NABO, the Journal of Budget and Policy is a registered journal that discovers and publishes theoretical and policy papers related to finance, economics, taxation, and public policy. This quarterly journal is always open for paper submissions.

[The 7th Editorial Board Member List (18 members in random order)]
Professor Byungho Choi, Pusan National University (Chairperson)
Professor Youngrok Kim, Kangwon National University
Associate Professor Byungjo Kim, Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National University
Professor Bonghwan Kim, Graduate School of Public Administration at Seoul National Univertiy
Professor Deokhyun Ryu, Chung-Ang University
Professor Cheol Liu, KDI School of Public Policy and Management
Professor Hun Park, University of Seoul
Professor Sukha Shin, Sookmyung Women's University
Professor Youngmin Oh, Dongguk University
Research Fellow Jonghyeon Oh, Korea Institute of Public Finance
Professor Seungwon Yu, Korea National Police University,
Professor Dongkyu Lee, Dong-A University
Assistant Professor Eunmi Lee, Kookmin University
Professor Sangsoo Lim, Chosun University
Professor Seunghoon Jeon, Daegu University
Professor Jongpil Chung, Local Government Officials Development Institute
Professor Youngjun Choi, Yonsei University
Tax Analysis Counsel Hyejeong Shim, National Assembly Budget Office