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Title NABO Conducts Consultation with Gyeonggido Assembly’s Innovation Task Force
Views 80 Date 2024-02-01

On Thursday, February 1, the National Assembly Budget Office conducted a meeting with the Innovation Task Force of the Gyeonggido Assembly.

The consultation was attended by 11 members from the Task Force, including five lawmakers: Woo-sik Yang and Sung-hwan Cho, co-chairs of the Gyeonggido Assembly's Innovation Task Force, and Young-chul Bae, Chief of Staff at the Gyeonggido Assembly Secretariat. Representing NABO were Euy-sup Cho, the Chief of the Office; Yang-sung Lee, Assistance Chief for Planning and Management; Joo-yeon Park, Head of Planning and Budget Division; Chul-min Choi, Head of Budget Analysis Coordination Division; and Ah-young Kwon, Head of Estimates and Tax Coordination Division.

The consultation focused on several key areas, including NABO’s operational practices, the cost estimation work system, the timing and scope of budget analysis, and the evaluation of analysis performance. Additionally, the meeting included in-depth discussions on ways to exhance exchanges between NABO and the Gyeonggido Assembly and to strengthen cooperation in cost estimation.

Chief Cho stated, "We hope this consultation will invigorate parliamentary activities within the Gyeonggido Assembly, and NABO will foster a network between the National Assembly and local councils to share experiences and expertise in cost estimation."