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Title NABO Reports 2024 Plans to the Speaker of the National Assembly
Views 68 Date 2024-01-29

The National Assembly Budget Office presented its plans for 2024 to the Speaker of the National Assembly on Monday, January 29, at 9:30 a.m., in the National Assembly reception room.

Euy-sup Cho, the Chief of NABO, outlined how the office will contribute to addressing complex policy issues and support the successful conclusion of the 21st National Assembly and the fresh start of the 22nd National Assembly. Embracing the vision of becoming “the best fiscal and policy institution opening new hopes,” NABO set forth three main objectives: devising solutions for national challenges to enhance the National Assembly’s policy leadership, supporting parliamentary activities to increase the efficacy of fiscal and economic policies, and laying the foundation to amplify the policy-making capabilities of the 22nd National Assembly. To achieve these goals, NABO intends to focus on several key initiatives, including public education innovation, facilitation of the recruitment of overseas workers, enhancement of the budget and account settlement deliberation capabilities, and public pension reform, while also conducting long-term population projections and publishing a comprehensive guide for obtaining fiscal and economic information.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Jin-pyo Kim, lauded NABO’s presentation, underscoring the importance of policy support for developing AI-specialized teacher training programs and AI-based educational materials, which would foster innovation in public education through AI. Moreover, he advocated for enhanced training programs to bolster the National Assembly's budget scrutiny capabilities so that the National Assembly can play a leading role in the budget process.