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Title NABO meets the Bangladesh delegation to discuss climate change and environment-related issues.
Views 17 Date 2023-10-06

On Friday, October 6, NABO (Chief Euysup Cho) met with the Bangladeshi delegation, led by the Chair of Environment and Climate Change Parliament Committee, and World Bank officials on climate change and environment-related issues.
The meeting saw the participation of an eight-member delegation from Bangladesh, headed by Mr. Saber H. Chowdhury. Alongside three World Bank representatives, including Senior Environmental Specialist Eunjoo Lee, were several key officials from NABO: Euysup Cho, the Chief of the organization; Ik Jin, Assistant Chief for Economic Analysis; Seungwoo Ye, Head of Economic Analysis Coordination Division; and Yoon-Hee Kim, Economic Analyst. The meeting focused on policy issues related to climate change, the environment, and international cooperation on greenhouse gas emission mitigation.
Mr. Chowdhury commended the insights gained from Korea's approach to climate and environmental budgeting. He expressed optimism for the future of a joint project aimed at reducing greenhouse gases, aligning with the goals set forth in the Paris Agreement. Under this international accord, Korea is committed to reducing 37.5 million tons of greenhouse gases abroad, while Bangladesh aims to cut 61.9 million tons through global partnerships.
In addition to the NABO meeting, the Bangladesh delegation visited the Korean Ministry of Environment, its subsidiary bodies, and the National Assembly. These visits were part of the Knowledge Exchange initiative orchestrated by the World Bank, focusing on green Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects, climate and environmental policies, and related fiscal planning. The Bangladeshi group included prominent figures such as the Chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Environment and Climate Change, the Secretary of the Ministry of Planning, and the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Finance.