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Title NABO holds a video conference with the OECD Economics Department (Latin America Division)
Views 164 Date 2023-02-03

On Friday, February 3, the National Assembly Budget Office (Chief Cho Euysup) and the OECD Economics Department held a video conference to discuss best practices for setting up an independent fiscal council in Latin America.

NABO’s experts, including Lee Sangjun, Head of the Planning and Budget Division, and Budget Analyst Kim Yunseong, shared their knowledge and experience with interim Head Alberto González Pandiela, senior economist Paula Garda, and three other economists from the OECD. During the meeting, NABO’s representatives explained the background and growth of NABO to assist the OECD use our experience as a reference for establishing a similar financial council in Latin America.

Interim Head Alberto González Pandiela stated that NABO has set a good precedent which would be helpful when establishing independent fiscal councils in Latin America.