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Title NABO participates in the 14th annual meeting of PBOs & IFIs
Views 163 Date 2022-05-06

National Assembly Budget Office (Chief Iksang Lim) participated in the 14th annual meeting of PBOs and IFIs, which was held in Dublin, Ireland, on 5-6 May 2022. The event gathered about 115 participants from 32 different IFI member countries, the European Commission, the European Fiscal Board, and the OECD.

After the welcome reception held on 4 May, the 8-session meeting took a closer look at various topics; including IFIs and green analysis, working together with climate councils, good practices for policy costings, dynamic scoring, getting the message out (to the media and the public), and building effective oversight institutions.

Mark Hadley, COO at CBO, chaired the meeting, and European Commissioner Mairead McGuiness delivered the keynote address. Andy King (OBR, the UK), Scott Cameron (OECD), Theresa Gullo (CBO), and other speakers shared their cases and views, and delegates had meaningful discussions and Q&A sessions.