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Title NABO holds the First Meeting of the Academic Journal Editorial Board in 2022
Views 44 Date 2022-02-14

The National Assembly Budget Office (Chief Lim Iksang) established the 6th Editorial Board of the Journal of Budget and Policy and held its first virtual meeting of 2022 on Monday, February 14.

The Board, commissioned on February 1, 2022, consists of 16 experts in specialized fields such as finance, economy, and tax and is chaired by Professor Ha Yeon-seob of Yonsei University. “As this year marks the 10th anniversary of the foundation of the Journal of Budget and Policy, we will continue to serve as the only financial journal in the legislature that pursues academic achievements and comprehensiveness,” said Chief Lim. The meeting agenda was the 2021 Overview, 2022 publication plans, future development directions, and improvement measures.

The Journal of Budget and Policy is an academic journal published by the NABO, which discovers and publishes theoretical and policy papers related to budget, economy, taxation, and public policy. This quarterly journal is always open for paper submissions.

[The 6th Editorial Board Member List (16 members in random order)]
Yeon-seob Ha, Prof. at Yonsei University (Chairperson)
Young-rok Kim, Prof. at Kangwon National University
Cheol Liu, Prof. at KDI school
Hun Park, Prof at University of Seoul
Tae-yoon Sung, Prof. at Yonsei University
Young-min Oh, Prof. at Dongguk University
Joung-hyeon Oh, Fellow at the Korea Institute of Public Finance
Seung-won Yu, Prof. at Korean National Police University
Hyun-suk Yoon, Prof. at Wonkwang University Law School
Dong-gyu Lee, Prof. at Dong-A University
Eun-mi Lee, Prof. at Kookmin University
Sang-soo Lim, Prof. at Chosun University
Seung-hoon Jeon, Prof. at Daegu University
Young-Jun Choi, Prof. at Yonsei University
Hye-jung Shim, Deputy Director-General for Tax Analysis at NABO (Editorial Assistant)