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Title Vol. 99 Analysis of the Planning, Selection, and Evaluation System of National R&D Projects (English Edition)

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The Korean government is expanding the budget for national R&D projects to secure core technologies for promising industries and improve technological competitiveness in key industries. However, some experts have pointed out the lack of creativity and achievements saying that national R&D projects must seek new and inventive tasks and utilize strategic task planning.

Following the analysis of the national R&D project published in 2019, we reviewed the current issues and improvements to be made, focusing on the project planning, selection, and evaluation stage in the national R&D project system. We determined from the analysis the need for establishing an R&D investment strategy for all ministries, creating an R&D task planning system based on technology and market demand, strengthening expertise and fairness in R&D task selection and evaluation processes, designing an effective industrial technology R&D planning system, and expanding support for SMEs to strengthen their capabilities in R&D innovation.

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