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Title Vol. 96 Evaluation of the Business Promotion Project of National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (English Edition)

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The National Agricultural Cooperative Federation(NACF) is an organization that was established to improve the economic, social, and cultural status of farmers and to contribute to the balanced development of the national economy centered on an independent cooperative of farmers. The NACF separated its operations and established agribusiness group and financial group in an effort to revitalize their agribusiness projects. The NACF’s agribusiness projects are about to end in 2020. Thus, it is time to review whether the NACF has achieved its originally planned goals, and whether the restructuring of business, which was accompanied by large-scale investment and financial support has been effective. The NACF is planning a follow-up agribusiness project (2021-2025) which attempts to derive measures for improvement by analyzing the performance and challenges of the previous agribusiness project.

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