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Title Understanding Bill Cost Estimation and Case Studies 2020(partially extracted)

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The National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) seeks to contribute to the stable fiscal management by estimating and reviewing the impact of the enacted and amended legislation on the national finances.


In 2004 when NABO first started cost estimation, the number of cases of cost estimation is only 59. However, after NABO received the exclusive mandate to produce cost estimates of bills, the number of cost estimates soared from 557 in 2014 to 1,994 in 2015 and has shown a big increase every year since then, recording 2,737 in 2019.


Also, NABO has sophisticated the estimation technique and upgraded the mandatory spending model to continuously enhance the estimation rationality and consistency with bills and in doing so has sought qualitative improvement as well as a quantitative increase of bill cost estimation.


This newly published "Understanding Bill Cost Estimation and Case Studies 2020" contains basic concepts of the bill cost estimation system and the bill estimation examples of bills that were proposed frequently or became social issues during the 20th National Assembly (May 30, 2016-May 29, 2020) so that National Assembly members can understand bill cost estimation with ease and refer to it when they draft similar bills.


It is hoped that the "Understanding Bill Cost Estimation and Case Studies 2020" will prove to be useful for members of the National Assembly in their legislative activities.

Lim, Iksang, Chief of the National Assembly Budget Office

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