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Title Overview of the Analysis on FY2020 Budget Proposals

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Overview of the Analysis on FY2020 Budget Proposals

Published on 1 November 2019
Published by Administrative Budget Analysis Division of the Budget Analysis Department


In order to effectively support the examination of settlement of accounts by the standing committees and the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts of the National Assembly, NABO published the Overview of the Analysis on the FY2020 Budget Plan, which is a comprehensive summary of the FY2020 Budget Proposal Analysis Series.

Part I: General Analysis, summarizes the details of the Comprehensive Analysis of FY2020 Budget Proposals for readers to better understand the budget, including an overview and general assessment of the 2020 budget proposals, comprehensive fiscal analysis as well as analysis by major policy and type of program.

Part II: Committee-Specific Analysis briefly summarizes the content of the Committee-Specific Analysis on the 2020 Budget Proposals that includes improvement measures so that the report may be utilized, while providing a brief summary on each Ministry’s major budget increases and programs on outstanding initiatives regarding their effectiveness and necessity.

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