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Title Evaluation of Active Labor Market Program

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  Active Labor Market Program has been executed by Roh Moo-hyun Administration as one of the most important relief measures for the unemployed since 2003. Roh’s Administration has budgeted 2,931.5 billion won for Active Labor Market Program(ALMP) expecting 610,000 new job postings in 2007. Fifteen government agencies cooperate to perform Active Labor Market Program with great effort in various ways. However, some activities in Active Labor Market Program have been overlapped among themselves or have barely made results. This means government agencies has spent the money form tax payers inefficiently. Therefore, Active Labor Market Program should be examined and evaluated in order to alter some activities of it for both efficient and effective implementation.

Results of Evaluation of Active Labor Market Program
First, some projects from different sub-programs, such as Local Welfare Service Program, Starting a Business Fund for the Disabled Program, Vocational Training Program and Nursing Service Program, have been overlapped among themselves.
Second, some projects are unfit for particular sub-Programs. For example, Measure against Unemployment of Young Adults Program inappropriately includes Internship in Small and Medium Enterprises for University Students Project and National Pension Counselors Employment Project. Besides, Activation of Self-support Assistance Organizations Projects and a Nursery School Employees’ Labor Costs Projects are unsuitably included in Social Service Job Posting Program.
Third, the results of Evaluation of Active Labor Market Program in 2006 indicate that monthly 420,000 won is aided per recipient for 8.7 months in average. Moreover, 988,000 new jobs have been posted as well as 263,000 temporary jobs since 2003.

Implications of Results of Evaluation of Active Labor Market Program
First, it is necessary to clarify a precise notion of Active Labor Market Program and to establish systematic standards so that unfit projects can be removed from the particular sub-Programs.
Second, inefficient and overlapped projects should be restructured or merged in order to provide better jobs with limited resources.
Third, it is important to have a well-designed planning system and to establish a self-supporting system for the improvement of Social Service Job Postings Program.
Last, it is essential for Active Labor Market Program to establish an integrated information system and to activate disclosure of information as well as role of general coordination. To make better results through ALMP the integrated information should be established, the disclosure of information should be extended and the coordination among agencies should be strengthened.

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