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Title [Final Accounts Analysis Series V] Summary of FY 2016 Final Accounts Analysis

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[Final Accounts Analysis Series V] Summary of FY 2016 Final Accounts Analysis

    The National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) published Summary of FY 2016 Final Accounts Analysis, which comprehensively summarizes the FY 2016 final accounts analysis series in order to effectively support the National Assembly’s standing committees and the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts.

    Part 1 Comprehensive Analysis offers highlights of what was covered in Comprehensive Analysis of FY 2016 Final Accounts.

    This section presents an overview and confirmation of the FY 2016 final accounts, fiscal amounts analysis, major policy analysis, and analysis by expenditure type. The fiscal amounts analysis examines the account closing of 12 sectors, final accounts of tax revenue, and fiscal soundness. The major policy analysis addresses 24 main topics, including ‘Analysis of SMEs Policy Funding Projects’. The analysis by expenditure type employs a macro approach, grouping expenditures into 24 types such as statutory contribution and mandatory spending.

    Part 2 Analysis by Committee outlines an overview of FY 2016 Final Accounts Analysis by Committee to promote its immediate use by the National Assembly members and their aides.

    This section focuses on examining 700 specific topics related to 52 ministries and 46 major public institutions under the supervision of 15 standing committees of the National Assembly. In particular, the analysis offers a macro and comprehensive perspective based on the enhanced assessment of major pending issues and suggests policy improvement areas. This report improves its neutrality by seeking ministerial confirmation from the planning stage and internal and external deliberation.
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