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Title 2017 Budget Bill Analysis Summary

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2017 Budget Bill Analysis Summary

Published October, 2016
The National Assembly Budget Office has published the “2017 Budget Bill Analysis Summary,” which outlines a comprehensive overview of the 2017 budget bill analysis series to support the budget deliberation of the National Assembly’s standing committees and Special Committee on Budget and Accounts.

Part 1, Macro and Aggregate Analysis, offers the key points of the “Macro and Aggregate Analysis of the 2017 Budget Bill.”.

This section includes the summary of the 2017 budget bill, focus issue analysis and analysis by type. The summary of the bill is based on the examination of aggregates and budget allocation by sector, as well as the budget earmarked for the five main investment programs. The focus issue analysis covers the topics of youth jobs, the low-birthrate and aging population, household debt, the transferred financial resources from the central to local governments, and the R&D budget. Lastly, the analysis by type highlights the findings of new programs, those with poor execution, and similar or overlapping programs.

Part 2, Analysis by Ministry, offers a brief overview of the findings of the “2017 Budget Bill Analysis by Ministry,” thus providing a time-saving reference for the members of the National Assembly and their aides.

This section covers 485 topics (549 subtopics) across 52 governmental ministries and bodies under the purview of 15 standing committees.

The ministerial report provides the additional analysis of key programs by ministry to the budget bill analysis focused on specific programs. Furthermore, it specifies analysis rationales for efficient budget cuts, along with the list of programs with reasonable and valid points for budget increases. Finally, to enhance its level of expertise, transparency and neutrality, the ministerial analysis has been vetted by internal reviews and external advisors while also stating the positions of relevant governmental ministries and bodies. 
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