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Title 2017 Gender Sensitive Budget Analysis

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2017 Gender Sensitive Budget Analysis

Published October, 2016

The “2017 Gender Sensitive Budget Analysis” has been issued to support the National Assembly to review the 2017 budget from a gender-sensitive perspective.

In particular, the report proposes recommendations for improvement based on the analysis of gender-sensitive bills and operation plans (KRW29.4563 trillion in total for 351 projects of 42 governmental ministries and bodies), which were submitted to the National Assembly as annexes incorporated into the government budget plan. The key findings include the following.

First, the gender-sensitive bills still lack expertise as they include programs with improperly selected targets, beneficiaries and performance goals, as well as those with an inadequate gender sensitive approach.

Therefore, efforts are needed to raise the awareness of gender sensitivity and expertise across these agencies and their related workforces and to enhance consulting for developing gender sensitive budget bills.

Second, the expert fostering programs (30 programs), among 114 that aim to promote equal employment incorporated in the 2017 gender-sensitive budget bills, lay out performance goals which cannot explain the gender gap in the employment of trainees after their completion of training programs.

To resolve this issue, these programs need to revise their performance goals so that they can identify the gender gap in the actual employment of the trainees in related professional areas.

Third, as each governmental ministry and body developed the “2017 Gender-Sensitive Budget Bill” in accordance with the selection criteria for sensitive programs set by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance and the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, these bills fail to reflect the features specific to each agency.

To promote the feasibility of the gender-sensitive budget system, each agency needs to have the discretion to create and develop programs best suited to their field and characteristics and reflect them in their gender sensitive budget bills.
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