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Title Vol. 28 2021 Budget Overview (English Edition)

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The total revenue of FY2021 is set at KRW 482.6 trillion, and the total expenditure is set at KRW 558.0 trillion. It is planned that the consolidated fiscal deficit of FY2021 will be KRW 75.4 trillion (3.7% of GDP), the operational fiscal deficit will be KRW 112.5 trillion (5.6% of GDP), and the national debt will be KRW 956.0 trillion (47.3% of GDP).
The report also includes the followings:
• Budget for the 12 areas in 2021
• Budget trends in the 12 areas during the recent decade
• Main areas of investment in the 2021 budget
• Major projects of the investment areas
• Major programs with changes in the budget
• Other major opinions

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