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Title Celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the Establishment of NABO

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The National Assembly Budget Office (Chief Lim Iksang) held a virtual event that celebrated the 18th anniversary of its establishment at 11 am on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. This online event ended successfully, joined by all of the NABO staff who all practiced COVID-19 prevention measures.
Speaker Park Byeong-seug shared his words of encouragement. In his speech, he said, “NABO has been faithfully carrying out the examination of the budget and the settlement of accounts since its establishment, and it is now a fiscal institution that represents the country.” “The National Assembly needs full support from NABO to finish the budget process in the stated period of time and make it a tradition,” Speaker Park added. Chief Lim Iksang said in his commemorative speech, “As 18 is the age of adulthood, NABO will continue its effort to become the best fiscal think-tank.” And added, “NABO promises to strongly support the activities of the legislative body while actively responding to the changing environment and respecting the operating principles: expertise, non-partisanship, and objectivity.” After that, Choo Kyung-ho (Rep. of the People Power Party), Yang Kyung-sook, and Choi Hye-young (Both Rep. of the Democratic Party of Korea) were awarded a plaque of merit in the name of the Speaker for their contribution to the strengthening of the status of the National Assembly and the development of NABO with their vigorous legislation activities.

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