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Title NABO holds the First Budget Policy Advisory Committee Meeting of 2021

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The National Assembly Budget Office (Chief, Lim Iksang) held the First Budget Policy Advisory Committee Meeting of 2021 on Tuesday, February 16. This committee meeting was attended by 14 members, including Ha Yeonseob, Chairman of the Budget Policy Advisory Committee.

The advisory committee shared opinions on major fiscal and economic topics of the year and elaborated concrete suggestions on the future direction of NABO. In particular, the members emphasized the need for appropriate scale of fiscal expenditures to support the damage caused by COVID-19 and a long-term analysis and outlook taking changes in population and industrial structure into account. In addition, they evaluated that NABO can actively respond to these issues and play a leading role as a specialized fiscal institution in times where there are economic uncertainties internally and externally.

After completing the advisory committee, the Chief of NABO Lim Iksang, thanked the participants for raising various opinions with interest and support of the institution. He added that he would take every word from the advisory committee into mind as NABO assists the National Assembly to contribute to the economy recovery and pave the way for the future of this country.

The National Assembly Budget Office operates the Budget Policy Advisory Committee composed of experts in fiscal, economy and various fields in accordance with Article 7 of the “National Assembly Budget Office Act”.

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