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Title NABO holds annual consultation with IMF

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The National Assembly Budget Office (Chief Lim Iksang) held an annual consultation with International Monetary Fund (IMF) mission team on January 20th (Wednesday). This consultation was proposed by IMF and conducted virtually following concerns over COVID-19.

Chief Lim Iksang delivered his opening remarks introducing NABO’s major performances including “Long-Term Fiscal Outlook”; “2021 and Mid-Term Economic Outlook”; budget and settlement analysis reports including reports on four supplementary budget plans. He also expressed that he is looking forward to enhancing the bilateral cooperation between NABO and IMF.

The IMF mission team including Economist Si Guo, discussed topics including long-term fiscal outlook and fiscal rules with Park Myung Ho, the Assistant Chief of Estimates & Tax Analysis Department, Baek Kyungyeop, the Director of Tax Analysis 2 Division and analysts at NABO.

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