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Title NABO kicks off the new year

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The National Assembly Budget Office is starting 2021, the year of white cow by diligently and faithfully carrying out its duties.

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, NABO did not hold a new year kick-off ceremony this year. NABO will actively practice social distancing among employees and strictly comply to the quarantine rules. In his New Year's address, Chief Lim Iksang said, “In times where we face many fiscal and economic challenges,  the role of the National Assembly Budget Office will gain more attention and the level of expectation will grow both internally and externally. The staff of NABO including myself must do our best.”

He also emphasized, “we should always keep in mind that failing to support the legislative activities in a timely manner or lack of accuracy and objectivity may undermine the capacity and trust that NABO has built so far.  I wish that every staff in NABO encourages and supports each other during the time of crisis.”
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