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Title NABO reports its plans to the Speaker of the National Assembly

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The National Assembly Budget Office reported its plans to the Speaker of the National Assembly in the reception room at 11am on Friday July 31, 2020.
Lee Jong-hoo, the Chief of the National Assembly Budget Office announced the mission of NABO, which is to support fiscal deliberation activities such as budget and settlement deliberation and the inspection of state administration by providing professional analysis. He also presented NABO’s vision which is to become the best fiscal institution that serves the National Assembly and the people. To accomplish the mission and the vision, he proposed NABO’s business goals which is to support “National Assembly that works for the people”, “National Assembly that opens up the future”, and “National Assembly with the people”.
Park Byeong-seug, the Speaker of the National Assembly expressed his aspiration that the agencies and departments of the National Assembly should become “One Team” centered on the Secretary General through active communication.

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