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Title NABO holds the First Budget Policy Advisory Committee Meeting of 2020

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The National Assembly Budget Office (Chief, Lee Jong-hoo) held the First Budget Policy Advisory Committee Meeting of 2020 at 10 am on Friday, February 21.

This advisory committee was held to discuss the role of the NABO in preparation for the opening of the National Assembly and the advisory agenda selected by each department.

   The budget policy advisors, composed of experts in various fields such as the economy, tax and environment, gave concrete opinions on the direction of the NABO.

In particular, the head of Committee Kim Seok-Dong emphasized that it is important to consider fiscal policy effectiveness and fiscal soundness at the same time, as demand for fiscal policy increases rapidly when the economy faces structural difficulties such as increased household debt, low birth rate and aging.


   He evaluated that NABO should act as a fiscal institution in the National Assembly by actively responding to these problems and playing a leading role

After completing the advisory committee, the Chief of NABO Lee Jong-hoo, thanked the participants for raising many important opinions on the level of development of the institution. He added that he would take every word from the advisory committee into mind and devote himself to work harder.

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