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Title NABOSTATS acquired「Good Content Service Certificate」

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NABOSTATS acquired「Good Content Service Certificate」

November 19, 2019

NABOSTATS (www.nabostats.go.kr), the fiscal and economic statistics system launched by National Assembly Budget Office (Lee Jong-hoo, Chief of NABO) on September 1, 2018 is now recognized as a trusted website by acquiring the Good Content Service Certificate.


   “Good Content Service Certificate” is a system that certifies the quality of service technology, security, and user convenience for online content services of private and public organizations under the supervision of the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA).


   “NABOSTATS has served as an opportunity to narrow the distance between the National Assembly and people by acquiring the Good Contents Service Certification,” said Lee Jong-hoo, the Chief of the NABO. He added, “NABO will make NABOSTATS to become the engine of knowledge for users, as in the famous quote: Big data is the 21st century oil“.

   The name NABOSTATS is a combination of the National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) and Statistics (STATS) selected through a naming contest. It provides 1) fiscal and economic statistics in 9 areas including national finance, tax, local government finance, economy, North Korea (322 types) 2) statistics related to the National Assembly, such as budgeting and settlement deliberation history (211 types), 3) data that provides useful knowledge including “Live Weekly Economic Statistics” and “Fiscal issues in statistics”. NABOSTATS is evolving into a legislative statistics and knowledge platform.

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