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Title Lee Jonghoo Takes Office as the 8th Chief of NABO

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The inauguration ceremony of the 8th Chief of NABO was held on March 18th at the main auditorium of the National Assembly Library of Korea, in which all staff participated.

Chief Lee Jonghoo, who was appointed on March 18th upon the approval of the House Steering Committee of the National Assembly, majored in public administration at Yonsei University, earned a master’s degree in urban administration at Yonsei University and a master’s degree in public administration at the University of Oregon in the USA. Throughout his 30-year career in public service since passing the 9th Legislative Examination in 1988, Mr. Lee has served the National Assembly as Director of Proceeding Division, Bureau of Proceeding; Legislative Attaché, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China; Director General, Bureau of Proceeding of the N.A.; Staff Director of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts; Minister, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Austria; Chief of Staff of the Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee.

At his inauguration ceremony, Mr. Lee highlighted his ambitions by committing to “passionately make every effort toward promoting the status of NABO, asking all staff to collectively strive to elevate NABO to become a fiscal think-tank that gains the respect and trust of the Korean people.”

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