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Title NABO to hold a Grand Debate on the 2018 Tax Reform Proposal

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National Assembly Budget Office, along with the Economy and Finance Research Forum of the National Assembly, will be holding the Grand Debate on the 2018 Tax Reform Proposal on November 6th at the Member’s Office Conference Hall.

This year’s Grand Debate was organized in order to discuss the proper principles and direction of the evaluation process ahead of official examination of the 2018 governmental tax reform proposal by the National Assembly.

The opening ceremony will consist of words of encouragement by Moon Hee-sang, Speaker of the National Assembly, and congratulatory address by Jung Sung-ho, Chairman of the Strategy and Finance Committee, as well as by Kim Gwang-lim, President of the Economy and Finance Research Forum.

Professor Shin Yul of Myungji University will host the debate, with keynote presentations on the ‘Key Content and Characteristics of the 2018 Tax Reform Proposal’ by Kim Byung-gyu, Director General of the Tax and Customs Office at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, as well as by Jeong Moon-jong, Assistant Chief for Tax Analysis and Estimates at NABO.

Kim Jung-woo, committee member from the Democratic Party, Choo Kyung-ho, committee member from the Liberal Korea Party, Kim Sung-sik, committee member from the Bareunmirae Party, Yu Sung-yup, representative from the Democratic Peace Party, and Kim Jong-Dae, representative from the Justice Party, will participate as debaters and present their opinions.
This Grand Debate is expected to preliminarily examine whether the direction of the government’s tax reform proposal focused on job creation, innovative growth, and income redistribution accurately reflects the recent shifts in financial conditions.

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