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Title [NABO News] Lauch of NABOSTATS is now live

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   The National Assembly Budget Office (Chief of NABO Chunsoon Kim) launched the first version of both desktop and mobile websites of its fiscal and economic statistics system (NABOSTATS; www.nabostats.go.kr) on September 1. 

   NABOSTATS is a statistics information system by which NABO can now render comprehensive fiscal and economic statistics information service for the National Assembly's legislative activities. The system will support legislative efforts by providing not only fiscal and economic statistics but also statistics related to major policies of parliamentary committees and government departments, statistics on North Korea, and statistics from international bodies such as the OECD and the IMF. NABOSTATS also presents the National Assembly's deliberation history in a structured manner, particularly concerning its fiscal activities including modifications, incidental opinions, and demands for corrective actions made after its deliberations on budget bills and settlement of accounts.


   On August 31, NABO did a detailed demonstration for its employees on how to use the website prior to the launch of NABOSTATS and identified through the Q&A session with the employees how NABOSTATS should be improved and enhanced.   

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