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Title Celebration of the 14th anniversary of the establishment of the National Assembly Budget Office

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The National Assembly Budget Office held its 14th anniversary ceremony on Tuesday, October 24.

Chung Sye-kyun, Speaker of the National Assembly, attend the ceremony along with Woo Won-sik of Democratic Party leader, Park Kwang-in of Democratic Party, Chu Gyeong-ho of Liberty Korea Party, Park Joo-hyun of People’s Party as well as 180 guests .

Dr. Chunsoon Kim, Chief of National Assembly Budget Office, said, "As the financial specialist institution, the expectations from the National Assembly and the public are increasing more and more, as a result of the annual report issuance increasing five times and the cost estimation work increasing more than 50 times. Dr. Kim also said, “Based on our expertise and neutrality accumulated over 14 years, we have set our sights on achieving the top position as the Korean economy sector think-tank.”

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