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Title Special lecture honoring Park KwanYong, former speaker of National Assembly, on the occasion of 7th inauguration ceremony

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Park KwanYong, Former speaker of National Assembly urged
"NABO to be non-partisan, independent organization"

  It has been 7 years since National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) inaugurated, setting itself as 'watchdog of national finance'. Park KwanYong, former speaker of National Assembly who took the initiative in establishment, urged to address "NABO should maintain its non-partisan, and independency."

  NABO evaluates budget of major national project and analyzes current issue in economy and economic outlook. Referred as 'Watchdog of national finance, guide of national policies', NABO prepared special lecture on the occasion of 7th inauguration ceremony.

  The host was Park KwanYong, speaker of 16-term National Assembly who established NABO in 2003, with aim of strengthening budget deliberation in National Assembly. Park highly valued on NABO's commitment for last 6 years and called on independency and non-partisan. To be Independent from government authority, National Assembly should gear with legislative powers to control government. Therefore, Park continued to stress that it is necessary to assist National Assembly in a non-partisan and an independent way.

 "The role of NABO is to wane and separate power, which helps elected members of parliament. As a result, National Assembly can be on the right track."

  In particular, Park encouraged employees of National Assembly Budget Office to be most prominent think-tank in fiscal field.

 "If you put more concerted effort, government would take NABO's opinion when compiling budget."

  As a veteran politician, Park pointed out some measures needed for current political condition. It is pivotal if National Assembly was working at full capacity or not, thus, tough intervention by major party should disappear for each member of parliament to perform legislative activity efficiently.

 "In a bid to bring National Assembly back to be independent, intervention from major party is the biggest obstacle."

  Lastly, Park, KwanYong, Former speaker of National Assembly, called for making National Assembly for the people, by putting together NABO's capabilities which had been built up for last 6 years as a budget office, based on the slogan of NABO "Watchdog of National Finance, Guide of National Policies".
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