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Celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the Establishment of NABO

Celebration of the 18th Anniversary of the Establishment of NABO

[October 19, 2021] The National Assembly Budget Office (Chief Lim Iksang) held a virtual event that celebrated the 18th anniversary of its establishment at 11 am on Tuesday, October 19, 2021. This online event ended successfully, joined by all of the NABO staff who all practiced COVID-19 prevention measures.Speaker Pa... Read +
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    Indonesian National Economic Council visits NABO

    [April 09, 2012]

    Delegation from the Indonesian National Economic Council visited the National Assembly Budget Office. After a briefing for general information on NABO, both parties exchanged opinions on the Korean budget process. In this regard, NABO presented its status in the legislative budget process.

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    Budget Bill 2012 Grand Conference

    [October 17, 2011]

    The National Assembly Budget Office held the “Budget Bill 2012 Grand Conference” in compliance with budget season. The main discussion at this conference centered around major issues for the 2012 budget bill and desirable budget examination with distinguished panel-members of the Nationa...

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    G20 Seoul Speakers' Consultation 2011

    [April 08, 2011]

    - Date & Venue The G20 Seoul Speakers' Consultation will held from May 18 through 20, 2011 at the Rotunda Hall, located in the Main Building of the Korean National Assembly. - Participants The participants to the Seoul Consultation will include speakers of unicameral and both speakers of bi...

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    Indonesian Delegation from DPD Visiting NABO

    [January 31, 2011]

    Parliamentarian delegation led by Alirman Sori from the Regional Representative Council visited National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) on January 31. After meeting with Kim Chun-Soon, Acting chief of NABO, Indonesian delegation attended the presentation session prepared on the 4th floor. During th...

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    2011 Budget Forum

    [November 04, 2010]

        National Assembly Budget Office(NABO) hosted 2011 Budget Forum in a small conference room at Member's Office Building on Thursday November 4, 2010. This forum aimed at assisting legislative activity of both assembly men and their assistants, especially for the budget deliberation...

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    Information about NABO's Reorganization

    [April 28, 2010]

    - With the approval of NABO Reorganization Bill by the steering committee on April 27, 2010, NABO established a new position officially titled as Tax Analysis Counsel and created two positions, analyst of Tax Analysis Team and analyst of Revenue Estimation Team to assist National Assembly's con...

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    Seminar on US Economic Stimulus Package

    [June 11, 2009]

    Prof. Douglas Besharov of the University of Maryland, renowned for his expertise on U.S. social policy, addressed "U.S. Economic Stimulus Package and the Future Social Welfare State: Thinking Long-Term about Short-Term Remedies" for fiscal professionals at the National Assembly of the repu...

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