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Title NABO Reports 2022 Plans to the Speaker of the National Assembly
Views 87 Date 2022-01-26

The National Assembly Budget Office reported its new year plans to the Speaker of the National Assembly in the National Assembly Meeting Room at 14:00 on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

Based on the 21st National Assembly’s slogan of “the people’s National Assembly that opens up the nation’s tomorrow,” Chief Lim Iksang presented three missions for 2022: Effective and neutral support for legislative activities, practical research and analysis that focus on the people’s livelihoods, and future vision development and future-oriented operation.
In addition, Chief Lim showed his ambition for closer cooperation with financial/economic research institutes in Sejong, such as the KDI and Korea Institute of Public Finance, to prepare for the era of the National Assembly Sejong branch. He added that NABO would continue to work with CBO, OECD, and other foreign organizations.

Park Byeong-seug, the Speaker of the National Assembly, highly praised NABO’s new year plans and visions. He asked the NABO to “collaborate not only with external organizations but also with the National Assembly’s internal offices to produce high-quality results.”