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Title Evaluation of National Housing Fund

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 National Housing Fund has been established in order to help a stable residence and elevate the standard of residence based on Housing Construction Promotion Act enacted in 1972. The government announced Housing Welfare Supporting Program for a low-income group preparing different aims of housing scheme for each income level. With this program, a policy concept for promoting the residence welfare is firmly established as well as political measures for maintaining coherence in executing the policy. As a result, aims of National Housing Fund are also changed from increasing housing to improving the standard of residence as Housing Construction Promotion Act was revised to Housing Act in 2003.

This report mainly analyses three aspects of National Housing Fund. First, the report evaluates the appropriateness of aims, target recipients, and a measure system of the program. Second, it makes a meta-evaluation of that if National Housing Fund has been effectively executed as other reports from the Ministry of Construction and Transportation judged. Third, it also exams if funds distribution has been worked out in an effective way without redundancy.

The results of evaluation are as follows. First, although National Housing Fund has mostly provided benefits for the humble class, it has also been used by some middle class. Therefore, the government should consider not only annual salary and expense of a residence but also possessing property and assets income to establish a deliberate standard for loan requests. Second, only three programs out of eight major programs are turned out to be effective. Regarding this, each program needs certain measures raising the efficiency. Third, since National Housing Fund programs are overlapped with Korea Housing Finance Corporation programs, National Housing Fund has to focus on supporting the humble class in the future such as rental houses construction.

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