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NABO in the Press

NABO in the Press

  • Korean main opposition party wants to up tax rates on richest companies

    [June 20, 2016]  [Pulse] The National Assembly Budget Office deems those subject to the hike total 417 companies, or 0.14 percent of corporate tax targets. Minjoo Party claims an extra 3 trillion won could be added.
  • Corporate tax hike shapes up as divisive issue

    [June 14, 2016]  [The Korea Herald] But data from the National Assembly Budget Office, which was cited by People’s Party leader Ahn Cheol-soo in a meeting with reporters early this month, show the actual tax rate is lower for corporations with a net profit of 500 b
  • Korean economy needs to be rebalanced

    [June 08, 2016]  [The Korea Herald] The National Assembly Budget Office said in a report released Monday that Korea’s slumping exports would reduce its growth by 0.2 percentage points this year. In 2015, the country saw declining exports cut its growth by 1.1 perce
  • Korea’s negative exports to weigh down growth

    [June 07, 2016]  [The Korea Herald] The National Assembly Budget Office forecast another negative growth in exports this year, slashing its gross domestic product by 0.2 percentage point. Last year, negative exports cut Korea’s GDP growth by 1.1 percentage points.
  • Korea's export hit hardest among OECD

    [June 07, 2016]  [The Korea Times] "Domestic consumption will contribute to most of the economic growth this year while exports will continue to be negative," the National Assembly Budget Office forecast in a report.
  • Weak exports set to hurt country's growth: forecast

    [June 07, 2016]  [The Korea Herald] The country's weak export growth will continue to weigh on its gross domestic product growth for two consecutive years. Last year, declining exports cut into the country's growth by 1.1 percentage points, according to the National Assembly Budg
  • GDP credibility questioned amid sluggish growth

    [June 02, 2016]  [The Korea Herald] Experts also call on the central bank to improve the way of compiling price statistics to more accurately reflect the impact on the lives of ordinary people. A study by the National Assembly Budget Office showed price hikes actually fe
  • Military golf clubs need overhaul

    [May 31, 2016]  [The Korea Times] Pointing to financial problems at the military-owned clubs, the National Assembly Budget Office advised the military in 2012 to recruit professional managers, but the ministry is sticking to its guns.
  • New index needed to better reflect inflation'

    [May 26, 2016]  [The Korea Times] The National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) noted in its Economic Trends and Issues report that the gap is continuing between the government's official inflation rate and that perceived by the public.
  • S. Korean, US parliamentary budget offices sign MOU on cooperation

    [May 19, 2016]  [The Korea Times] Kim Jun-ki, head of the National Assembly Budget Office, signed the agreement with Congressional Budget Office Director Keith Hall in a ceremony at the CBO office in Washington. It was the first time the CBO has signed such an MOU with
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