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NABO in the Press

  • Samsung Electronics leads top corporate taxpayers in 2015

    [March 30, 2017]  [ Yonhap News] Samsung Electronics, the flagship of South Korea's leading conglomerate Samsung Group, paid 3.2 trillion won in taxes in 2015, taking up 7.1 percent of the total revenue, according to the data by the National Assembly Budget Office.
  • Seoul already paying enough for USFK

    [January 24, 2017]  [The Korea Times] According to the National Assembly Budget Office report released in 2013, the percentage of Japan's GDP spent on defense cost sharing with the U.S. in 2012 stood at 0.064 percent, while the figure for South Ko
  • State debt growing at alarming pace

    [January 22, 2017]  [The Korea Times] According to the National Assembly Budget Office, government debt, which includes those of central and local governments, stands at 641 trillion won ($580 billion) as of Sunday, up 2.5 trillion won from the e
  • S. Korea mulls disclosing defense spending to deflect U.S.' calls for burden sharing

    [January 15, 2017]  [YONHAP NEWS] On spending, the National Assembly Budget Office report in 2013 showed South Korea spent 836.1 billion won (US$711.2 million) to support U.S. forces in the previous year, while corresponding numbers for Japan and Germany stood at 4.4
  • Public workers’ salary up, along with benefits

    [January 04, 2017]  [KOREA JOONGANG DAILY] A report from the National Assembly Budget Office said the average yearly pay at 119 public and state-invested agencies came to just over 70 million won. It is 4.9 percent higher than the previous year, the biggest hike rate since 2
  • Effect of fiscal spending to weaken next year: report

    [December 26, 2016]  [YONHAP NEWS] The National Assembly Budget Office said in the report that the impact of fiscal spending on the country's gross domestic product and job creation has been on the decline since 2014 and is expected to lose more momentum in the coming
  • IMF recommends Korea overhaul pension schemes

    [December 21, 2016]  [THE KOREA TIMES] It cited the Korean authorities' latest official forecast, according to which the National Pension Service (NPS) system will turn into an overall fiscal deficit in 2044 and the pension assets will be fully depleted by 2060. According to the
  • New regulation cools a heated market

    [December 03, 2016]  [KOREA JOONGANG DAILY] One study by the National Assembly Budget Office warns that while falling apartment prices might not have an immediate impact on the financial market, it could pose a threat later. If prices continue to tumble 20 percent, the amount
  • Tax benefits increase fivefold

    [November 23, 2016]  [THE KOREA TIMES] The National Assembly Budget Office said Wednesday that Korea's tax benefits in the form of exemptions and reductions have increased fivefold over the last 17 years, calling for an efficient retooling of its tax codes in the face of
  • Economic leadership adrift amid political turmoil

    [November 16, 2016]  [The Korea Herald] According to the National Assembly Budget Office, South Korea’s private consumption is projected to increase by 2.2 percent next year, down from the estimated 2.3 percent for this year. Construction investment, which is expecte
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