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Title National Assembly Budget Office visited the Vocational Rehabilitation Facilities for the Disabled

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Twenty of the executives of the National Assembly Budget Office, including Chief, Chunsoon Kim, visited EM Practice in Seoul (Geumcheon-gu, Seoul) on April 20 for the Disabled People Day. NABO staff participated in activities with disabled, who are committed to production activities by overcoming disability, and encouraged employees who exert oneself to improve disabled people’s working environment.

   Dr Kim said "Disabled people are a valuable member who can live in harmony in our society" at the meeting with Young-Hwan Kim, Director of EM Practice, Hang-Ran Kim, Chairman of the Vocational Rehabilitation Facility Association, and emphasized the importance of vocational rehabilitation facilities to give them opportunities.

   In the future, National Assembly Budget Office will continue to look at ways to increase the number of opportunities for severely handicapped people, and to reduce the difficulties of the vocational rehabilitation facility.
* EM Practice is a place that assists people with disabilities to find a job that suits their job competency and raise their will to become independent.

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