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NABO to hold a Grand Debate on the 2018 Tax Reform Proposal

NABO to hold a Grand Debate on the 2018 Tax Reform Proposal

[November 02, 2018] National Assembly Budget Office, along with the Economy and Finance Research Forum of the National Assembly, will be holding the Grand Debate on the 2018 Tax Reform Proposal on November 6th at the Member’s Office Conference Hall. This year’s Grand Debate was organized in order to discuss the prope... Read +
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    Visit to High Council of Finance in Belgium

    [April 10, 2017]

    Dr. Kim, Chief of National Assembly Budget Office, discussed the role of an independent financial institution on issues such as ensuring fiscal soundness and responding to aging society at the meeting with High Council of Finance(HCF).

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    Task consultation on 2016 fiscal year analysis

    [March 06, 2017]

    Task consultation with government departments and public institutions were conducted to enhance internal stability of financial report in 2016 fiscal year. In this consultation, the consultation period and target organizations were expanded (from 39 government agencies → 44, conducted on 21 ne...

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    Report on the first sub-committee of the Constitutional Amendment Committee

    [February 21, 2017]

    Dr. Kim, Chief of National Assembly Budget Office, provided for support special activities by reporting on the matters such as parliamentary participation plan and provisional budget system regarding Budget Legalism and Government Budgeting at the meeting of ‘first sub-committee of the Constit...

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    Inauguration of the 7th Chief of NABO, Dr. Chunsoon Kim

    [January 20, 2017]

    On January 20th, inauguration ceremony of the 7th Chief, Dr. Chunsoon Kim of National Assembly Budget Office was held.At the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Kim said, “We will mobilize the capacity of the organization so that the financial and legislative powers of the National Assembly will be exe...

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    The law amendment conference of 2014

    [November 13, 2014]

    The National Assembly Budget Office held a conference discussing the law amendment for 2014 at the members’ office building on November 13th. The conference, moderated by Professor Won Yoon Hee from University of Seoul, had many notable participants including Yoo Sung Kull, the representative ...

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    2015 Budget Estimates conference

    [October 31, 2014]

    2015 Budget Estimates conference was held at the auditorium of the National Assembly Library on October 31st. The discussion was moderated by Professor Shin Yool from MyongJi University and presentation was given by Song Un Suk, the head of budget office at the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, and ...

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    NABO-KDI International Forum

    [July 23, 2014]

    On July 23rd, NABO•KDI International Forum was held at the members’ office building on fulfilling the creative economy by fostering venture businesses and startups. The first session, moderated by Kim Young Min, the chief of the PostTech, was led by Lars Danielsson, the ambassador of Swed...

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