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January 19, 2018, 12:23 [KST]

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N114172153080782.pdf (File Download) An Analysis on Current Economic Issue No. 8: The Factors Deciding the Entry to a Self-Managed Business and Its Politic Suggestions

[Economic Issue] [March 7, 2006]

N113737868568188.pdf (File Download) An Analysis on Current Economic Issue No. 7: A Comparative Study of the Distribution of Financial Resource by Area

[Economic Issue] [January 13, 2006]

N113672965124615.pdf (File Download) An Analysis on Current Economic Issue No. 6: The Current Situation and Problem of the House Price Stabilization Policy

[Economic Issue] [January 4, 2006]

N114111001106593.pdf (File Download) A Study of Medium-Long Term Fiscal Demand for the Major National Programs

[Program Evaluation] [December 30, 2005]

NF20051213.pdf (File Download) Evaluation on the Public Sector Program

[Program Evaluation Issue] [December 23, 2005]

NF20051210.pdf (File Download) Evaluation on the Execution of Four Local Industry Promotion Programs

[Program Evaluation] [December 23, 2005]

NF20051211.pdf (File Download) Culture & Contents Industry Assistant Program

[Program Evaluation] [December 23, 2005]

NF20051212.pdf (File Download) Evaluation and Reform Plan of the Korea Infrastructure Credit Guarantee Fund Program

[Program Evaluation Issue] [December 23, 2005]

NF20051208.pdf (File Download) Analysis on Current Budget Issue No. 10: Fiscal Analysis on a Disaster Management

[Budget Issue] [December 19, 2005]

N114056806131212.pdf (File Download) A Study for Development of the Tax Policy Evaluation Model

[Economic Issue] [November 14, 2005]

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