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June 25, 2018, 01:45 [KST]

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N116046892106513.pdf (File Download) Evaluation of the Training Program for IT Research Professionals

[Program Evaluation] [October 10, 2006]

N116046902299562.pdf (File Download) Metaevaluation on a Self-Assessment of Financial Program 2005

[Program Evaluation] [October 10, 2006]

N116046855293416.pdf (File Download) Evaluation of the Gaeseong Program

[Program Evaluation] [October 10, 2006]

N116046869474440.pdf (File Download) Funding Issue and Its Reform Plan of a Government-Invested Organization under the Ministry of Construction & Transportation

[Program Evaluation] [October 10, 2006]

N115977917903456.pdf (File Download) Evaluation of the Second Five-Year Plan for National Road

[Program Evaluation] [October 2, 2006]

N11597790750112.pdf (File Download) Evaluation and Reform Plan of a Management Evaluation System by a Government-Invested Organization Using MVA Model

[Program Evaluation] [September 22, 2006]

N11587411692760.pdf (File Download) Current Situation of the Corrective Measure Complying with a Demand to Correct Following a Settlement of Accounts by Department 2004

[Budget Issue] [September 20, 2006]

N115804376074525.pdf (File Download) Evaluation of the Rural Tourism Development Program

[Program Evaluation] [September 12, 2006]

N115389546444834.pdf (File Download) An Analysis on the Current Program Evaluation Issue No. 15: Evaluation on the Current Situation of a Free Economic Zone and Its Reform Plan

[Program Evaluation Issue] [July 26, 2006]

N115339304618442.pdf (File Download) Understanding Global Economic Indicator - Centering Around The U.S. Economic Indicators And The OECD Composite Leading Indicators

[Economic Issue] [July 20, 2006]

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