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July 23, 2018, 22:55 [KST]

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NABO_Economic_Trends_n_Issues(7).pdf (File Download) NABO Economic Trends & Issue (Issue No.7)

[Economic Analysis] [August 13, 2010]

Evaluation_on_Special_Local_Development_Zone_Program.pdf (File Download) Evaluation on Special Local Development Zone Program

[Program Evaluation] [July 29, 2010]

Evaluation_of_Government_Performance_Report_in_2009_Fiscal_Year.pdf (File Download) Evaluation of Government Performance Report in 2009 Fiscal Year

[Program Evaluation] [July 29, 2010]

A_Handbook_of_the_Government_Subsidy_Programs_to_Local_Government(1).pdf (File Download) A Handbook of the Government Subsidy Programs to Local Government

[Program Evaluation] [July 29, 2010]

The_Public_Private_Partnerships_in_Infrastructure_Program_Handbook.pdf (File Download) The Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Program Handbook

[Program Evaluation] [July 19, 2010]

1_2009_Guideline_for_analyzing_settlement_of_account.pdf (File Download) Analysis of FY 2009 Settlement of Account

[Budget Analysis] [July 9, 2010]

Cases_of_Tax_Bill_Cost_Estimates_2009.pdf (File Download) Cases of Tax Bill Cost Estimates 2009

[Economic Analysis] [July 6, 2010]

NABO_Economic_Trends_n_Issues(6).pdf (File Download) NABO Economic Trends & Issue (Issue No.6)

[Economic Analysis] [June 30, 2010]

The_Government_Grants_Program_Evaluation(Korean).pdf (File Download) The Government Grants Program Evaluation

[Program Evaluation] [June 22, 2010]

The_Government_Loan_Program_Evaluation.pdf (File Download) The Government Loan Program Evaluation

[Program Evaluation] [May 24, 2010]

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