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August 19, 2018, 20:08 [KST]

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Budget & Policy Issues

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NF20050516.pdf (File Download) Harbors Development Plan for Building Northeast Logistics Hub

[Program Evaluation Issue] [May 24, 2005]

NF20050503.pdf (File Download) Outcome Evaluation on the Expenses of Government Personnel by Policies

[Budget Issue] [May 6, 2005]

NF20050501.pdf (File Download) Evaluation on the Competitive Power in the Science and Technology: Centering around the Evaluation on the Technological Competitive Power based on Knowledge between Korea, China and Japan

[Program Evaluation Issue] [May 4, 2005]

NF20050502.pdf (File Download) Evaluation on the Brain Korea 21 and the Suggestion

[Program Evaluation Issue] [May 4, 2005]

NF20050403.pdf (File Download) Program Evaluation of the Local Small Business Promotion Fund by Measuring Outcome Indicators

[Program Evaluation Issue] [April 25, 2005]

NF20050304.pdf (File Download) Evaluation on the Work Permit for Foreign Workers Policy and Program and Its Improvement Plan

[Program Evaluation Issue] [March 18, 2005]

NF20041214.pdf (File Download) Tax Expenditure Budget System and Its Political Problem

[Economic Issue] [December 14, 2004]

N113740061960220.pdf (File Download) Analysis on Cases about Conflicts in Drawing up Budget by Central Agencies

[Budget Issue] [December 6, 2004]

NF20041211.pdf (File Download) Pre-Budget System and the Budget Deliberation in the National Assembly (Centering around Foreign Cases)

[Budget Issue] [December 6, 2004]

NF20041206.pdf (File Download) Current Situation of the Relevancy between Laws and Budget, and the Reinforcement Device

[Budget Issue] [December 4, 2004]

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