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September 20, 2018, 07:13 [KST]

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Budget & Policy Issues

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Cost_Estimate_for_the_Basic_Disability_Benefit_of_2010-2015.pdf (File Download) Cost Estimate for the Basic Disability Benefit of 2010-2015

[Budget Issue] [February 12, 2010]

The_Management_of_Foreign_Exchange_Risk_caused_by_foreign_exchange_budget.pdf (File Download) The Management of Foreign Exchange Risk Caused by Foreign Exchange Budget

[Economic Issue] [February 11, 2010]

Standard_Information_for_Bill_Cost_Estimates.pdf (File Download) Standard Information for Bill Cost Estimates

[Budget Issue] [February 10, 2010]

Cost_Estimates_on_Local_Governments_Integration.pdf (File Download) Cost Estimates on Local Governments Integration

[Budget Issue] [December 15, 2009]

Effect_of_the_low_birthrate_and_the_aging_population_and_policy_implication.pdf (File Download) Effect of the Low Birthrate and the Aging Population and Policy Implication

[Economic Issue] [December 14, 2009]

Evaluation_of_the_National_Fiscal_Management_Plan_in_Korea.pdf (File Download) Evaluation of the National Fiscal Management Plan in Korea

[Economic Issue] [December 14, 2009]

Population_Aging_and_the_Tax_Policies_in_Korea.pdf (File Download) Population Aging and the Tax Policies in Korea

[Economic Issue] [December 11, 2009]

Widening_income_gap_and_the_effects_of_redistribution_policy.pdf (File Download) Widening Income Gap and The Effects of Redistribution Policy

[Economic Issue] [December 11, 2009]

Financial_Preparation_for_old_age_income.pdf (File Download) Financial Preparation for Old Age Income

[Economic Issue] [December 10, 2009]

A_Study_on_the_State_Compensation_Systems.pdf (File Download) A Study on the State Compensation Systems

[Economic Issue] [December 10, 2009]

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