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October 16, 2018, 10:12 [KST]

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NABO in the Press

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Current account surplus to top $100 billion next year
The Korea Herald - December 31, 2014
The National Assembly Budget Office (NABO) said Wednesday it expected the current account surplus, the broadest measure of cross-border trade, to reach $108.7 billion in 2015.
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Tax revenue shortfall to reach W13 tril.
The Korea Times - December 28, 2014
According to the National Assembly Budget Office (NABO), tax revenue from January to October will be lower than it forecast. The government should receive approximately 11.7 trillion won to 12.7 trillion won less tax than it budgeted for this year.

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Gov’t’s public agency manpower management derails ODA businesses
MK news - December 9, 2014
According to the National Assembly Budget Office on Tuesday, the budget for free assistance skyrocketed 34 times from 17.4 billion won ($15.7 million) in 1991 to 606.5 billion won last year while the KOICA’s payrolls, who handle free assistance businesses, rose a mere 1.5 times during the same period.
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National Assembly Budget Office forecasts state pension fund to run dry i...
ArirangTV - December 9, 2014
Projections have been run and numbers have been crunched. Korea's National Pension Fund is forecast to run completely dry in less than 40 years IF the current benefit system continues as it is. In its latest report released on Friday, Korea's National Assembly Budget Office says the fund would be exhausted by the year 2053, seven years earlier than the government's forecast. The office says the pension fund will start paying out more than it's taking in by the year 2038 due to the country's aging population and low birthrate. The amount of money in the fund is forecast to reach its peak in 2023.
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Korea to crack down on bulk sales of tobacco
The Korea Herald - December 1, 2014
Some opponents of the price hike say it will increase the burden on low-income earners. According to the National Assembly Budget Office, raising the price will bring in 5 trillion won in tax revenue, which is almost double the government’s conservative estimate of 2.8 trillion won.
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