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October 16, 2018, 11:29 [KST]

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NABO in the Press

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Opposition party set to call for tobacco price cut
MK NEWS - May 25, 2015
National Assembly Budget Office forecast tobacco sales for this year would decline only 21 percent from last year and an additional collection from tobacco tax would reach 5.1 trillion won.
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Medical costs soar as aging society looms
The Korea Herald - April 5, 2015
Korea’s elderly suicide rate was 81.9 for every 100,000 in the population in 2012, the highest among the OECD. According to data from the National Assembly Budget Office, 73.6 percent of senior citizens from 2006-2012 thought of killing themselves the most when they faced financial difficulties or illnesses.
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Big reward on reporting tax dodging helps agency
The Korea Times - March 10, 2015
According to a report by the National Assembly Budget Office, the self-employed evaded 29.7 percent of comprehensive income tax in 2012, an average of 2 million won each. Tax evasion has become more serious among those with high incomes.
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National Assembly Budget Office says Korea's growth rate will be in 0% ra...
arirang - February 6, 2015
The Korean economy is expected to take the brunt of the blow from the rapidly aging society and low birth rate problem.

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Korea's welfare spending lowest among OECD
The KOREA TIMES - February 5, 2015
The country is spending little on social welfare compared with other developed economies. Still, experts advise that the country should be cautious in expanding social welfare programs as it is doomed to snowball with the aging of society.

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