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June 26, 2017, 11:02 [KST]

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Planning & Management Office

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Assistant Chief for Planning and Management :
Park JangHo
Phone Number :
E-mail : Window)

Roles and Responsibilities

The Planning and Management Office provides all central support services to NABO's other divisions, including budget and finance, human resources, information resource management, facilities management, and library services. The Office is divided into the following two Divisions.

General Affairs Division

  • Human Resources Management including Recruitment, Employee Benefits such as Pension Plan, Health Insurance and Wellness Programs
  • Financial Management including Payroll, Contracting, Procurement and Budget Execution
  • Facility Management including Office Building Security and Furniture Support Services

Planning and Cooperation Division

  • Developing Annual Performance Plan
  • Represents the Office in handling Custom Research Requests from the Members.
  • NABO Budget Planning & Request
  • Compilation of NABO Statutes and handling litigation against NABO
  • Oversight of the Financial and Administrative Activities.
  • Public Relations Including Media
  • Publishing NABO Journal
  • Training
  • Enhances Internal Information Technology Operations
  • Develops NABO Web Site and enhances public access to NABO information
  • Operation of the NABO Intranet 'VIVA' for Archiving and Sharing of Information
  • Computer Systems Support

1 Uisadangno Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul 150-010,  Republic of Korea

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