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September 19, 2018, 01:21 [KST]

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Panel of Advisors

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Under the Paragraph 4, Article 7 of the National Assembly Budget Office Act, the Panel of Advisors is obliged to render advisory opinions to the Chief on the following areas.

  1. 01

    Research and analysis on budget, settlement, fund management plan and fund settlement

  2. 02

    Analysis of spending effects of specific legislative proposals, which involve some measures on the budget or the fund.

  3. 03

    Analysis and outlook of national finance management and macroeconomic trends

  4. 04

    Analysis and assessment on the national key projects and medium-to long-term financial spending analysis

  5. 05

    Other tasks requested by the Director of NABO as he/she decides necessary

The Panel of Advisors is composed of one chairperson and seventeen other members who serve two-year terms. They are all acknowledged experts in academic societies of finance and economy, universities, research institutes, government offices or in journalism.

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